About You

Hi, since you are visiting this site it is likely that you are frustrated with the insanely high property taxes you are paying as a Westchester or Putnam County resident.  Like other residents including myself you may be working hard, maybe even struggling to pay all of your bills, give your family everything they need, and still have a little extra money to enjoy all that Westchester County has to offer.  Maybe you are concerned that you are paying, or have been paying much more than your fair share of property taxes and you want to stop the bleeding… Your first step is to find out if you are eligible for a Property Tax Reduction.  Click Here for your Complimentary Property Tax Review.

Who I am … and how I can help YOU!

Hello, my name is Douglas O’Connell and I am the owner of the O’Connell Appraisal Group and creator of the taxgrievancespecialist.com.  Ever since I discovered the secrets of reducing property taxes, over eight years ago, I have been representing homeowners, primarily in Westchester, and Putnam Counties, and getting them the maximum recuctions possible.  At this point I have successfully represented approximately 1,000 homeowners, one home at a time.

Prior to representing homeowners in the tax grievance process I was a full time Certified Real Estate Appraiser, and Licensed Real Estate Salesperson.  My background in real estate makes me extremely qualified to clearly determine, demonstrate, and defend property values, which is a necessary skill in the tax grievance process.

In addition to my background as a valuation expert, I am an extremely competetive and devoted person, which results in a strong desire to get my clients the best reduction possible.  I understand first hand the many costs involved in raising a family in Westchester County, and as a result I take the job of helping to decrease that burden very seriously.

The O’Connell Appraisal Group, LLc is not a large company, in fact, the majority of your case will be handled by me personally, outside of some basic administrative work.  My company appeals to homeowners who want personal attention given to their cases and do not want to be treated as just another file, but as a person who deserves to keep a fair share of the money they have worked so hard to earn.

The approach of the O’Connell Appraisal Group, LLc is honest and transparent.  The owner, Douglas O’Connell, personally evaluates each case to determine if the property is over-assessed.  If the property is fairly assessed, the homeowner is notified, and given the peace of mind that they are paying their fair share of taxes and no more.  I believe that by filing only cases that have merit I have developed a respectful relationship with the local assessors, and that as a result my cases are treated with respect.

If you want to work with a company that provides personal attention to getting you the maximum property tax reduction possible please take a moment to fill out a questionaire. Once I receive your questionaire, I will review your assessment and promptly contact you to let you know if there is an opportunity for you to receive a property tax reduction.  If you have any questions please post them below, or feel free to contact me directly at 914-523-0116.  I look forward to speaking with you.